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Lauryn’s Fine Catering was created in the vision of a young girl. At the young age of 10, Lauryn roughly sketched the plans that would one day be her restaurant. Although her original idea changed from restaurant to catering, Lauryn’s passion for creating amazing food through big ideas has always remained the same.

When Lauryn was only 19 years of age, with not much help or equipment, she created her first mouth savoring menu for a wedding hosting 150 guests. Not only was the wedding a tremendous success, word quickly spread about the great food and impeccable service. Lauryn’s business was launched to the public, and the rest is history.

After 19 years, Lauryn’s business has evolved to Lauryn’s Fine Catering, which continues to grow and bring new tastes under Lauryn’s childhood vision. Lauryn’s Fine Catering and its full-time staff have a growing clientele with no barriers. Lauryn’s business continues to serve political parties (including former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton), pharmaceutical companies, physicians, industrial corporations, personal parties, wedding receptions, graduations, seasonal events, and private jets – to name a few.

Lauryn was a wife and a mother of four children. She continually leveraged her keen sense of creativity to propel her family and the business forward. She was very involved with her children and their activities, prepared family dinners, kept her business going, and also went back to school. In addition to Lauryn’s awesome work/life balance, she graduated in the top of her class at the Louisiana Culinary Institute, January 2009.

It was always Lauryn’s dream to have her own catering facility. After several years of hard work and perfecting off-premise catering, Lauryn was just about to introduce La Maison de Bella Reception Facility. Unfortunately, on May 29, 2014, three months before the grand opening, Lauryn unexpectedly passed away from a heart condition that she was unaware existed.

For 20 years, Lauryn’s family watched her work day and night to make her dream a reality. With long hours, hard work, and dedication, Lauryn never ceased to amaze her family and that is why they are not giving up on her dream now. Morgan, Lauryn’s oldest daughter, grew up watching her mom in the kitchen and admired her passion for cooking. Morgan’s desire to follow in her mother’s footsteps drew her to enroll in the John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University, where she completed her first year. Morgan, along with her family and Lauryn’s awesome staff are determined to make her dream come true. Lauryn’s Fine Catering continues to do offsite catering, daily luncheons, pick-up orders, and deliveries, in addition to our onsite catering here in our facility, La Maison de Bella.

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    Thanks for everything! The food was great and we received many compliments. Look forward to...

    Cindy Plaia

    I neglected to email you and Leger’s and tell you what a wonderful job you did for our Christmas party in December. The food was great and the help (Laura) was excellent! Many Thanks for your help with this!!!

    Katie Blunschi

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